Yoga in the office is on the rise and can do more than just Om and incense sticks! What is behind the term „yoga“ and what are the advantages for both employees and employers?

In our working environment, employers and employees are increasingly challenged. More work is required, higher efficiency is desired and everyone should be in a good mood. Not always easy to implement in everyday life. The workload is depressing the mood and the challenges are increasing in all areas, both professionally and personally.

Yoga can help to prepare oneself for these challenges and to counteract neck tension, pain or even cardiovascular disturbances from sitting for long periods.

Research is also focusing more and more on yoga and its positive effects on people’s health, well-being, concentration and overall performance.

Many employers have already recognised the benefits of yoga and have integrated it into their work environment. This is not about incense sticks and esoteric stuff, but about conscious movement sequences, mindfulness exercises to develop a good body feeling and strengthen the body.

I myself, for example, am regularly booked by the head of a design office for lunch or after work to do something good for the employees. He realized that his employees were focused again after the yoga sessions, went to work refreshed or were able to relax and „reset“ after a long, exhausting day.

More and more employers are becoming aware that the most important part of a company are the employees, because without employees the economy does not work. Yoga is therefore a good investment as a means of increasing satisfaction and reducing illness, as well as improving team spirit, performance, innovation and motivation.

Five good reasons for yoga in the office:

1. Yoga improves well-being and awareness

Physical complaints such as neck or shoulder problems and back pain can increase the number of absences due to illness. Weekly yoga classes would not only alleviate pain or prevent it from occurring, they could also reduce sick leave and interpersonal conflicts by improving the overall mood and well-being of employees over the long term.

2. Yoga reduces stress and improves concentration

In today’s world of work, stress is often part of everyday life – but those who have stress tend to make mistakes, become forgetful, or even get off on the wrong foot. Yoga is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, refocus, be in the here and now and regain control over our breath. Mindfulness is important and easy to practice. After just one hour of yoga, employees return to their desks balanced, focused, awake and energetic.

3. Yoga strengthens the team spirit

A yoga course brings together employees from all departments and areas of a company. Whether beginner or experienced, anyone can join in and be part of the group. Job title and hierarchy doesn’t matter – all are on one level or „matte“ 😊 This creates and strengthens a sense of community and team spirit.

4. Yoga increases production and innovation

Yoga not only stretches the muscles, it also focuses the mind and thought processes. Many people mistakenly believe that yoga is a workout or a sport. In fact, yoga is a kind of mediation, a tool to increase concentration and mind control. All the positive effects such as flexibility and strengthening of the musculature are free on top as a benefit.

5. Yoga increases motivation

The most common complaint of the working population is a lack of time for sport or exercise. Going to the canteen and back does not count! 😊 Often there is not enough time for exercise after work and even more so in the office. Only very committed and motivated people do sports early in the morning before work or late in the evening. In addition to the lack of exercise, there is also a bad conscience and you already feel doubly bad.

By offering a yoga course in the lunch break or early in the morning before work, for example in the meeting room, employees have the opportunity to exercise during office hours. Employees feel valued by their employer through this offer, supported to a great extent and motivated to tackle and complete upcoming tasks. In this way you promote loyalty to the company.

Yoga is an investment that is worthwhile for everyone, so to speak, a win-win situation!

By the way: The annual tax law according to § 3 No. 34 EStG promotes measures of the company health promotion with 500 € (tax-free) per employee. Also we at eves_ want to offer this possibility in the future.

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