I solemnly swear to make a backup of my important documents and valuable memories on March 31.

Do you already know World Backup Day? Every year on March 31, the community calls to make a backup. A backup is the heart of every IT infrastructure, because without your data your company is worth nothing. At first this sounds very hard, very „black and white“ – but consider where your most important information is: it’s your customer data, production data, e-mails, invoices, offers, etc. All electronic data stored in your IT systems.

Without this data, it is almost impossible to maintain or resume your normal operations. Therefore the backup should always be as important as the operation of the live system. In the best case you never have to resort to the backup and wonder if the effort and the money are worth it at all. But once you need a backup, you want it to work, be consistent, and contain all the important data.

By the way, such a backup is not only important if you run your own environment. Even with cloud systems, you should be careful to create a backup. The fact that a system is fail-safe does not mean that no data can be lost. For this case there are extra „Cloud-to-Cloud“ backup services, which allow you to backup your Microsoft Office365 data e.g. into the Amazon AWS cloud. So in case your primary cloud infrastructure fails, you can restore all data and resume operations.

Do you trust your backup infrastructure? Are you sure you can always rely on a consistent backup? If not, you should start rethinking your backup strategy right now.

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