In many concepts for the modern workplace only normal „office workers“ are considered. It is just as important to involve the employees in production. These employees fight on the front line every day and are happy when we can relieve them of work and simplify processes.

Our industry Smartwatch „Workerbase“ makes exactly that possible. The Smartwatch is specially designed for use in the harsh environment of a production hall and has a camera and a barcode scanner on board. Especially smart: it can also be operated via hardware keys, so that it can also be used with gloves!

Probably you are now considering what your welders or construction mechanics should do with the watch? There are endless possibilities!

A few examples:

  • Using the barcode scanner, work orders can be reported back in their finished state so that your MES always shows the current status of the progress of production
  • With notifications, machines can call „help“ when e.g. the material is empty or the tool has to be changed
  • Forklift drivers can be called directly to your next order and also confirm it via Smartwatch
  • Using checklists, the production employee confirms all the individual steps of an installation and thus ensures that nothing has been overlooked
  • The camera can be used by QA to directly document errors during inspection.

So that the clock can be meaningfully integrated, it is of course directly connected to your MES (e.g. SAP) via its backend. This can be used to exchange orders and supply the Smartwatch with data.

Does this sound like a gimmick to you at first? But by using IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) devices you can save money. You save waiting times at machines, because it is not only after a long time that it is determined that something is not working – you get the information immediately. You can also better control your employees in decentralized service and maintain an overview.

In any case, it makes sense to inform yourself about the Smartwatch „Workerbase“.

Hier ein kleines Anwendungsbeispiel:



The Wearable Revolution on the Factory Floor

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