In the current Corona crisis we can read articles every day about how employers and employees are coping with the crisis. But there are hardly any reports about trainees and their experiences, worries and hopes in these difficult times.

But even among trainees, questions arise: „What do we do when the vocational school closes? How will our training continue? Will our examinations be postponed? Does our company still have tasks for us? Can we do home office?“

For this reason, there is a blog post today from us, Jasmin and Patricia, first year office management trainees at eves_.

We started our three-year apprenticeship on 15.07.2019.
And right from the start we noticed that eves_ is not like many other companies, eves_ is different. Which in concrete terms means: eves_ does not let us down and provides us with enough work experience even in difficult times.

As is usually the case, we also have a company training plan, which is based on the training framework plan. In addition to this, during the Corona crisis, our new task will be to get to know the marketing department better. So if you stumble across a Facebook posting or read the odd blog post or two, they will most likely come from both of us.

How does the daily routine work?

We are in close contact with each other and the most important thing for us is to allow emotions to deal with the crisis. What happens through this crisis cannot be changed. Fighting it doesn’t make it better. It is much more important to use the power for alternatives and solutions. So our questions were: „How can we manage this situation for ourselves now? What do we need?“

It was clear to us that we can only do this if we all pull together. For us as trainees it is valuable to have a contact person we can reach. Almost every day we get new tasks and new challenges that we have to face. Be it to work on the theoretical learning material at home or to help with a question and answer board for our customers. This way we do not lose our inner stability and get the feeling that we can also make an important contribution to our company in the home office.

So dear trainees: Don’t let your head hang down and ask your contact persons specifically what you can contribute. Having offensive conversations will give you a good feeling, or as Ludwig Thoma also said: „There are mountains you have to cross, otherwise the path won’t go on.“

You can do it!

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