Have you ever heard this question before? Actually rather rare, isn’t it? Almost nobody still asks the question why you need a firewall. It is a matter of course, everyone has one. Without it it is virtually impossible.

This awareness has established itself in recent years, nobody builds a network without a firewall. But preventive security measures in other areas, which are just as important, are often ignored.

„Network Access Protection? What good would that do? I do have a firewall…“

Network Access Protection

In fact, both technologies, Network Access Protection and a firewall, handle different attack scenarios. Firewalls protect against external attackers. But most attacks these days come from within. So why isn’t it natural to protect against these attacks?

Network Access Control helps you identify who is on your network and prevent uninvited guests from gaining access to sensitive information. Sophisticated automation allows you to separate departments and deny guests access completely, or just allow them to access a guest network. It doesn’t matter whether access is wired or wireless.

Network Access Control is no longer as complicated to install today as it was 10 years ago. Many NAC projects failed earlier due to complexity and time. Current technologies simplify the rollout extremely and make a fast success and thus the fast securing of your network possible

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