In March WikiLeaks published some documents which became known under the code name „Vault 7“. They explain in detail how the CIA has used cyber attacks and surveillance in recent years to gain access to sensitive data, especially on smartphones.

As a company, you have to ask yourself the question:

Is my data secure on the latest smartphones? If not, what can I do to protect my communications with strong encryption?

Basically, this incident shows us once again that data on mobile devices is always exposed to a certain risk – so it is all the more important to increase protection here.

The classic applications for smartphones are still e-mail communication and PIM data as well as messaging. For both applications there are solutions to additionally encrypt the data on the device and thus offer strong protection.

Container applications store your important data in a specially encrypted area that works independently of the device encryption. The containers are secured with separate keys, which are exchanged regularly (e.g. when changing the container Password).

Data in the container can only be accessed after the container has been unlocked, but access to the container is blocked again after a certain period of inactivity in order to ensure the security of the data.

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