As one or the other has perhaps already noticed on our Facebook page, we build new. Our rented premises at the Obergstraße have unfortunately become too small and we decided to build our own building at the research airport Braunschweig.

The eves_ group has been located in Obergstraße for more than ten years now, but due to our development in recent years we are dependent on new and larger premises. Unfortunately, we did not find anything suitable in the city centre of Braunschweig and so we decided to take on the role of the client ourselves. For almost two years now, we have been searching, planning, sampling and trembling – as it belongs to a building. But fortunately everything is running almost without any incidents – the most exciting thing is always whether the explosive ordnance clearance service was right in the aerial photo evaluation.

Construction began at the beginning of the year and is progressing incredibly fast. If everything goes according to plan, we will move in November and finally have enough space for even more employees. In our current premises we have hardly any space left, but we are nevertheless always on the lookout for new employees.

Here are some pictures of the construction Progress:

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