Since 23.04.2018, eves_ has again received reinforcements from three IT specialists from India. Over the next three months, they will be trained by eves_ for offshore use.

There is a shortage of IT specialists in the Braunschweig/Wolfsburg region. In October 2017, eves_information technology AG tested a pilot project for offshore deployment with three IT specialists from India for the first time. The evaluation and the feedback from the client of Volkswagen AG were so positive that a long-term cooperation is now to be established. For this reason, eves_ brought three more IT specialists to Braunschweig to set up and prepare the offshore deployment. The three experienced software developers will be integrated into the structures and processes of eves_ in the shortest possible time. Their task is to support the development of the software and to set up the required offshore system. The integration of offshore operations offers the possibility to react flexibly and quickly to changing requirements. The Indian IT specialists will support the Braunschweig team of eves_information technology AG in the software development of administration software for the electrics/electronics development of Volkswagen AG. To meet the high security requirements, a separate offshore system will be set up, which will then also comply with the guidelines of the new European Basic Data Protection Regulation. Subsequently, the Braunschweig team will be able to serve further project enquiries at short notice by recruiting additional Indian specialists who meet our regional requirements in terms of know-how and competence.

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