In our professional life we repeatedly encounter the statement such as: „My boss doesn’t care about my further development/education“ and „My team is so demotivated and dependent“. Such strong statements show how much we are trapped into our own perspective. But how do we solve the tensions of such statements and transform them into productive energy for action?

In the case mentioned above, it must first be clarified who is responsible for making the team fit for the future or successfully manage projects?

We are sure: Both sides! The leader AND the individual team members! Why? Quite simple: It always works best as a team. A team always comprises of all members, including the manager.

From our point of view, the ‚magic formula‘ is: „Transparency in both directions“. It is important that everyone thinks one step further about how they would assess themselves and the other side regarding individual leadership issues. It is important to sit down, exchange honest and clear opinions. This means that both the individual and the leader put on the „self-responsibility and reflection glasses“ to determine where actions are currently required. If we follow such an approach without any finger-pointing, but exclusively focus on what we can change or further develop and how we can change, we are unstoppable as a team!

In addition to the above-mentioned approach, with the help of a neutral moderator through appreciative, transparent and target-oriented communication, suggestions can be implemented promptly, productively and this helps the team to grow even closer together. A classic win-win: a satisfied, motivated team with its leader as a unit!

A really constructive cooperation between manager and team makes the difference! To be interested even beyond hierarchies and to meet at eye level, to take a benevolent critical look at joint action in order to remove sand from the „success gear“ and in this way to always keep the focus on the next common goal. We are convinced that this is leadership as teamwork, as we need it today!

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