Microsoft Teams –  the all-rounder not only works to improve team communication, but also to constantly increase the personal productivity of the user.

As early as 2015, Microsoft bought the Wunderlist, a product of the Berlin-based start-up 6 Wunderkinder. Gradually Wunderlist will find its way into the Office365 package – under the name ToDo.

The functions ToDo offers are unfortunately still very rudimentary. The many great features of Wunderlist, such as team lists, attachments, dropbox integration etc. are still missing, but Microsoft is working hard to improve ToDo and regularly releases new releases. Lately only with bug fixes and invisible improvements, but as you can see on the uservoice page, many feature requests are now being tackled.

What does ToDo offer?

With ToDo you have the possibility to manage tasks in different lists and plan your day. This administration brings the user the best possible daily routine in professional life. Currently ToDo is available as a web application and for iOS and Android as an app.

Every morning the ToDos are viewed and evaluated, which should and must be processed during the day. Afterwards, only the current ToDos are displayed in the day view and the user is not overwhelmed by the list of all ToDos. So the working day is a lot more fun if tasks are well coordinated and can be marked as done at the end

Once you have created a ToDo, you can add a due date, a reminder and notes. Compared to Wunderlist you will notice that you can’t create sub-tasks and have to do the task yourself – an assignment is not possible because of the missing shared list function. However, Microsoft has oriented its design to Wunderlist.

Finally it should be said that the step to integrate a Wunderlist into Offfice365 is the right one. So far Outlook offers only a very bad task management, this can change with ToDo now. Be curious about further features, you can definitely!

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