By integrating Sharepoint document libraries into the Windows Explorer via WebDav, it was possible to access stored content without Sharepoint. This function was quite useful. However, this function is no longer supported in the current version of Sharepoint Online.

It was important for Microsoft to create a way to make this function possible again and even improve it. With the OneDrive Sync Client.

In the current version of the Sync Client, both for Mac OS and for Windows 10, there is the new function Files on Demand.
This integration means that not all files are downloaded to the respective computer anymore and therefore unnecessary storage space is used, but only those that are used. You gain two advantages at once:

  1. Less storage space is used.
  2. If the internet line breaks down, you have „your“ files available offline and are not unable to work.

To still keep full control, there is the possibility to decide per file or folder whether they should always be kept offline or the local copy should be discarded.

Kontextmenü OneDrive Ordner
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