New Work makes it possible to combine life and work in a new way. Through economic and cultural change, new technologies, all-encompassing networking and digitization, we are given opportunities to work that were previously unthinkable. Unfortunately, most people forget to appreciate this way of working and are more concerned with their own advantage.

New Work describes a modern kind of organizational management, which is characterized by appreciation and cooperation on eyelevel, by more individuality and self-responsibility and by less „top down“ and micromanagement. Also, companies are not just about winning new employees, but especially keeping the existing ones. The focus is on each individual and his or her strengths. Many employees are happy about this new type of employment, which opens up completely new possibilities for their professional development, and accept the gift of the New Work movement with gratitude.

Unfortunately, many forget that New Work does not just mean working in your home office or on the beach in Mauritius. Of course, New Work allows this and encourages people to leave the workplace for new ideas.

But what New Work also means is that many people work together across teams, exchange ideas and share knowledge. Nothing is as valuable as personal face-to-face communication, which would not necessarily exist in Mauritius. Apart from all the digitization, people must not be sidelined and personal concers must be discussed in person and not by email or slack. This is why the trend is going back to open-plan offices, which are no longer equipped with shielded individual workstations as in the past, but are modern and tailored to project work. As a result, the processing of processes is much faster than via active e-mail ping-pong.

Our conclusion is that those who enjoy New Work should value and celebrate this way of living and working. Through common goals and brainstorming it is possible to turn „I have a dream“ into „We have a dream“.

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