Communication is becoming more and more important these days. Everything revolves around staying in touch, be it private or business.

It’s not just about digital communication, it’s also about analog communication, far away from smartphones and computers. Companies are once again obliged by their employees to comply with this demand.

However, many workplaces are currently not optimized for communication. There are no sofa corners or coffee machines that invite people to exchange coffee. But it is precisely these supposed breaks that help a company to make employees happy and thus more productive again. During this time, employees exchange valuable information that would otherwise have fallen by the wayside.

After all, a company’s most valuable resource is its employees.

An internal communications department can never carry this information into a company like employees do themselves. Enthusiastic employees infect others, motivate and can rekindle the proverbial fire in the company.

Many modern workplaces are open-plan offices with small and cosy meeting corners. The open-plan office gives your employees many opportunities to work together quickly and effectively. They always have a visual overview of which colleagues are in the office and whether they are concentrating on their work or are ready for a conversation.

TIP: Headphones can be used as a non-interference icon.

Open workstations can easily be supplemented by rooms for concentrated breastfeeding work (Silent Room) and telephone booths. Modern indoor telephone booths offer employees the opportunity to withdraw for telephone calls or video calls. These mini rooms are soundproofed and air-conditioned, even on castors if required, in order to move them to the appropriate position. Flexibility guaranteed!

Example of a phone booth from

Also the integration of domestic design elements into workplaces can help to create an atmosphere that gives employees the feeling of having a second home and no workplace. A second home is a good place to visit and take care of. With a pure workplace, on the other hand, it is more likely that time will be „served“.

Modern communication therefore does not begin with the use of a mobile phone, but with the restructuring of offices and retreats in one’s own Company.

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