After the last entry about Microsoft Teams in October 2017, a lot has happened. Since we, eves_consulting GmbH, work with Microsoft teams on a daily basis and would also like to sensitize our customers to the modern way of working with colleagues and external partners, we have summarized the updates of Microsoft teams once.

Microsoft continues to work intensively with Microsoft teams to simplify the entry into cloud services and to optimize the software for all types of users. Based on other chat software, there is now a command box and keyboard shortcuts.

Here is an overview of the new features:

  • Command Box
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • Authorizations in General Channels
  • Better OneNote Integration
  • Hiding chats
  • Custom links
  • Screen sharing with control
  • Making calls between Skype for Business and teams
  • meeting features

Command Box

The Command Box makes it possible to set status functions in teams from any location. It is also possible to call team users. These possibilities can be displayed and selected by entering „/“ in the search field. The handling is thus further simplified.


Keyboard Shortcuts

In order to be able to work even faster, IT-savvy users are now finally able to work quickly and without mouse functions and call up actions using the key combinations. The overview of the key combinations becomes visible after a click on the profile picture and then under key combinations:

Authorizations in General Channels

The owner of the team (leader) can use the new member rights to determine whether all or which team members are allowed to post in the general channel or not. This function allows an organization to post in the respective Chat.

This setting can be found in the Team Settings.

Better OneNote Integration

Finally! From now on you can easily and comfortably integrate existing notebooks into teams. A selection box offers various notebooks to choose from or you can easily insert a link to an already created notebook.

Hiding chats

Chats that lie in the past can be hidden to increase clarity. These are not deleted, but are hidden and do not interfere with the daily viewing. However, if you start a new conversation, the history is back.



Custom links

If you write a longer message and would like to insert links, this is now easier than ever and intuitive as e.g. in Word. Mark the text and press CTRL+K to open the window for your own links. Here you can enter the link address and the text will be formatted accordingly.



Screen sharing with control

Screen sharing has been enhanced to include remote computer control. Now you can control the computer of the person you are talking to, just like in Skype for Business. This can either be requested or the speaker proactively gives the control to someone else.


Making calls between Skype for Business and teams

Another feature is the simplification of calls between Skype for Business and Microsoft teams. Telephony now also works between the two different programs.


Meeting Features

In the meeting functions there is now also the chance to mute the participants as a moderator in meetings. Thus, the moderator can easily provide peace and quiet in phases where the main focus is on listening. The participants themselves can cancel the muting of questions to the moderator, for example. In addition, anonymous participation in meetings is possible, so that external partners can also participate in team meetings. In addition, there is a meeting waiting area for external participants.
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