On 28.05.2019 eves_ participated successfully in the Diversity Day.
But what exactly is the Diversity Day?

The Diversity Day is designed to make a statement on diversity publicly. This day was created by the Charta der Vielfalt. This charter is an association with a self-commitment to work for this diversity. eves_ has been a signatory since November 2018.

As a signatory one commits oneself to promote people and cultures in order to compensate the shortage of skilled workers better, to open up new target groups and markets and that new ideas and innovations can arise better through different teams. The eves_ Group employs 13 different nationalities, which not only like diversity, but also have had many positive experiences on personal and business levels.

On this day eves_ , with the help of colleagues, provided a huge buffet with various dishes from eight different countries for tasting, as well as a world map with flags of the nations working at eves_. It looked as if the exchange had been a lot of fun and tasted very good. As a highlight an Indian colleague of the eves_ Group showed some traditional Indian dance figures. eves_ already knows: The first Diversity Day was a complete success and more will follow.

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