Last summer the „SlumDoc Visionary“ Thomas Babu was visiting the YMCA Braunschweig. Among other things, the deputy director of the Christian children’s aid organization CMS India reported about the problem of the children’s home in Serapattu, to bring sick children safely to the hospital 50 km away – even, and particularly, at night and in fog. 

This resulted in the donation goal for the YMCA Braunschweig with a sponsor rallye in 2019. Sponsor rallye? – In the competition time of 4 hours, the aim was to cover as many kilometres as possible to travel the South Sea. Before the rallye each participant had to find several „sponsors“ in the circle of friends and acquaintances. These chosen sponsors committed themselves to pay an amount negotiated between the participant and himself for each kilometre covered.

Thanks to your help, the children’s home in Serapattu (India) has now been given the urgently needed TukTuk. The „Indian Helicopter“ will be used for everyday errands as well as for the aforementioned ambulance transports and is already a great blessing – and a joy for the children!

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