Of course, everyone knows how to write an e-mail. But the days when only checking your mail inbox are over. So how is future-oriented work structured? Rightly said with group chats that have long been established in our private life.

Each team then have their own common working areas. In „Teams“ (Microsoft), teams (chats) are created for this purpose. Everyone who works on the respective topics joins the team-chats. The personal mailbox then serves only for confidential mails, because external people can also be invited to a team into „Teams“ chat system.

A great advantage, which Microsoft Teams particularly offers, is that information and data are not stored multiple times in multiple mailboxes, as in the case of an e-mail, but have a central storage location which can be accessed by all team members.

If a team member must pay special attention to a message and you want to make sure that the message is noticed and read, then it is done by „mentioning“ him in teams with the „@Name“ sign. This message will then appear on the person’s activity bar. The recipient will be made aware of this and we can be sure that he/she can no longer miss a message.

It ensures that the documents are always in the right place and that every team member can work on them at the same time. In addition, duplications are avoided

This tool can also be used to hold meetings in a more serene way. It’s incredibly difficult to keep quiet in meeting rooms with many participants but then it is very simple to mute the microphone with a click of the mouse. Thus, there is no annoying background noise such as movement of chairs, coughs, a gurgling coffee machine or talking colleagues. It also simplifies the tracking of the addressed content.

In conclusion, it can be said that chats like Microsoft give teams more than one advantage

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