Dear customers,

today the DME Server version 5.0 SP1 has been released.

Here is an overview of the new features and bugfixes

  • JBOSS security updates (build 6.4.18)
  • Java 8 update 162
  • Problems with setting the Out of Office / Absence agent for IBM Domino have been fixed
  • MSG attachments with special characters in the file name are now synchronized (>, <, |, :, *, „, /, ?, \)
  • It is now possible to import multiple S/MIME certificates at once
  • When uploading S/MIME certificates, the system checks that a private key password has been entered.
  • Spaces in CA CRL/OCSP URLs are supported.
Important information:
  • The DME 5.0 SP1 server will only work with the current DME client (>5.0.4) due to the new synchronization mechanisms.
  • Upgrading to DME 5.0 (SP1) is only possible with a current license that is valid longer than November 1, 2017.

DME 5.0.5 for iOS und Android

  • New Client setting „Confirm before sending“ for sending e-mails
  •  New progress indicator for communication between server and Client
  •  7-day weekly view on iPad and Android devices in landscape mode
  •  iPhone X screen layout and FaceID support
  •  Various other GUI and bug fixes
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