As one of the first schools in Braunschweig, IGS Franzsches Feld not only designs its lessons with normal textbooks, but also with tablets.
Of course, these are not a substitute for textbooks, but tablets are to be integrated into everyday teaching. This increases the pupils‘ media competence and teaches them to learn with the help of modern teaching aids.

The tablets are secured with a system by eves_consulting GmbH so that they can only be used for their intended purpose, i.e. nobody can misuse them. All end devices are managed with a Mobile Device Management System (MDM).

This system allows teachers to bring individual guidelines to the devices. It is determined beforehand which apps and websites the students can use in the school and which not. All parents are also given the opportunity to control the devices and to set rules and guidelines.
So that the tablets can still be used outside the school in their entirety, the devices are only regulated in the school building. If the tablet leaves the building, it is released again for all applications.

This measure should start from grade 7. The pupils are then at an age where they can develop understanding for working with mobile devices and still learn playfully. Above all, the tablets are to be used for research or experiments in natural science subjects.

With this project, IGS Franzsches Feld is in a pioneer position and eves_consulting GmbH has been involved right from the start.

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