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Not long ago everyone built his own fortress (aka Datacenter). Many thousands of Euros were invested in security solutions, hardware and personnel. And suddenly you can buy all services you have built yourself for a few Euros from Microsoft, Amazon or other service providers.

For many companies, the current question is whether the cloud is really an alternative to their own data center. Others have long since outsourced all services and are working on digitizing their processes in order to better position themselves in the market.

Gartner: Many businesses, especially in the midmarket, will eventually migrate away from running their own data centers…

Sooner or later, the classic data center will be replaced by cloud services, especially in medium-sized businesses. Various providers provide DSGVO-compliant services with which I can scale better and save many resources for administration. As a medium-sized company with 100 employees, it’s not worth having a team of four in the IT department who work all day with their own infrastructure.

Something not working: What do we even pay you for?

Everything working: What do we even pay you for?

In addition, we are currently undergoing a change in the workplace. The typical office workstation is being replaced by a mobile workstation in a double sense. The requirement to be able to work from anywhere and from any device (notebook, tablet, smartphone) presents us with new challenges. In my own data center, I suddenly have to deal with the access of several hundred devices. Licenses, resources, bandwidth. All this needs to be in place.

Microsoft sees this as the great advantage and future of the cloud.

Satya Nadella: The only way you are going to be able to orchestrate the mobility of these applications and data is through the cloud… That’s why the juxtaposition of cloud infrastructure and mobile experiences is where the world is going.

Systems provided as SaaS are 90% directly accessible from any device. Of course there is the possibility to activate appropriate security mechanisms. In addition, these systems are maintained 24/7 by a team that has more employees than your company. The possibilities for securing the systems are much greater than your possibilities. This allows you to quickly and easily maximize your data security by migrating to cloud services.

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