Taking care of your family and doing your job satisfactorily at the same time is not always easy. Childcare is a time consuming, and so are leisure activities and mandatory visits to the doctor for your children. In addition, as an employee you want to do a solid and good job to give the employer in the long run, the feeling that he has made the right decision by choosing you.

But who can get all this done under one hat? Who has the opportunity to get a balanced free time from the employer? Who has the perfect working hours for his private life?

Most people cannot answer these questions satisfactorily.

In contrast to the past, when the woman stayed at home longer to take care of her upbringing, there are now other working time models: the woman returns to work early, while the man stays at home or both take parental leave at the same time and then return to work together.

Nevertheless, the problem of how to reconcile time remains. No matter whether you have a family or you are a single parent, you usually have to return to your job early for financial reasons or in order to not be out of work for too long. After all, you don’t want to lose your connection or even your hard-earned position.

On the other hand, there is the desire to spend more time with your children, to see them grow up and to be able to give them their own values.

How do you find a balance between job and family?

The keyword „New Work“ provides the decisive answers here. It describes a modern and increasingly demanded way of working in the global and digital age – triggered by economic and cultural change.

This includes modern management, flat hierarchies, responsibility and task sharing and flexible working hours that makes home office possible. The new way of working combines professional and private obligations. It makes it possible to react in a flexible manner with the help of laptops and company mobile phones and to work off the To Do´s even if the child is ill in bed or if you yourself have to kill time in some waiting room. The inner pressure to actually have to sit in the office at such moments is thus minimized.

More and more people are looking for a job that offers them this compatibility of work and family and come to the realization that earning opportunities are important, but the advantages of „Work Life Balance“ outweigh

It’s time for more companies to integrate „New Work“ into their organization to give their employees, especially those with families, more flexibility and the opportunity to balance between their job and family. Through flexibility, openness, trust, acceptance and appreciation, companies get satisfied employees.

Appreciation is far more important than a reward and a compliment.

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