We believe that having dogs in the workplace is beneficial for the employees and promotes interpersonal communication. They usually put a smile on our faces. But there is also a lot to consider. But there are also few things which are to be considered.

Similar to other topics, for this one too, there are some for it and some against it.

For some it is completely relaxing and inspiring to have an office dog nearby. On the other hand, there are others who don’t bother. And then there are people who struggle with allergies.

But now, a lot of companies are hiring employees who are having dogs. This is mostly because they themselves have a four-legged friend or a strong affinity. One reads again and again that dogs have a positive influence on stress resistance and health. According to numerous studies, it is because the body releases the hormone oxytocin. Higher well-being, improved mental health, improved employee retention and promotion of communication are only four of many other positive qualities that an office dog can bring with it.

Also at eves_. There are many employees from different nations who communicate primarily in English. Through the eves_ office dogs one gets into conversation with other colleagues more often. New employees in particular come in contact with other colleagues at much faster pace and feel a sense of belonging.

Some of them just come by and stroke the dog. The dog is happy about getting attention and you can switch off your mind for a moment. So both parties get something out of it.  A dog can give so much if you only let him to.

Nevertheless requirements for an office dog should be fixed. He must be well educated and should not project large distractions. In addition, the dog owner should ensure that consideration is given to colleagues who are less dog-friendly. None of them find it pleasant to be „licked“ or to have dog hair everywhere on their clothes.

Surely one could write much more about this for and against.

Fact is at eves_: We say „YES“ to office dogs!

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