Scrum, Kanban & Co are already, just like agility, for some time and increasingly on everyone’s lips.

But what is agility anyway?

Agilität meint die Fähigkeit wendig zu sein und sich durch flexible Anpassungen an Kundenwünsche oder Marktsituationen wettbewerbsfähiger aufzustellen.

How do you do that?

It all starts with the inner posture. If the 4 values and 12 principles of agility are lived out and an appreciative attitude is adopted, a very value-creating and pleasant working atmosphere can be created – motivated employees who achieve great things together with the customer at eye level.

And what does Scrum have to do with it?

Scrum is the best-known process model in the agile working world. With 3 rolls, 5 events and 3 artefacts (products) it is a very slim and easy to understand model. Creating an atmosphere of courage, openness, respect and a culture that celebrates „mistakes“ creates the space for continuous development of the company, the self-organized teams, each individual and the product. Not to forget – focus and commitment are further indispensable values that have to be lived in order to work together transparently and effectively.

And how can the Kanban board help?

For example, the Kanban board can provide good support in terms of transparency. The aim of the board is to visualize workflows and tasks and to optimize the workflow. Often it is a physical board in the workspace, which is individually adapted, with sticky notes in different colors, containing a variety of information at a glance.
Due to the permanent topicality of the board all team members are on a uniform stand and can work optimally.

Can you do that digitally?

Yes, no matter if you are a remote team or just want to go digital – with the Planner, Microsoft has just the right tool for you. The Planner is integrated into Office 365 and is available both on the PC and mobile. It can even be integrated into the Outlook calendar and is therefore always in view.

The Planner is structured like a Kanban board. Columns can be defined, tickets created and assignments made. In the Planner overview, each team member can gain a very good insight into which tickets are still open or have been completed or are currently being processed by a colleague.

As our working environment changes, it becomes increasingly important for us to be locally flexible and able to work with colleagues from other countries/time zones. The Planner helps to master these challenges and enables agile work beyond the office boundaries. By seamlessly integrating the Planner with the Microsoft tool Team, colleagues who are sitting distributed can effortlessly exchange data with each other and keep up to date. Several software tools can be combined and used to create a good platform for pleasant work at the highest level.

What else is important?

Not all agile methods fit at any time and in any context. Nevertheless, the Planner in Office 365 from Microsoft offers comprehensive new possibilities. Please contact me and together we will find out how this outstanding tool will also make your working life easier and bring your company forward.

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