Yesterday on Tuesday afternoon (18.06.2019) eves_ was able to witness German history directly from the roof terrace. A Douglas C-47 (built 1944, aircraft type DC-3) headed for Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport in front of our noses, as it had not received a landing permit for Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport.

Some people wonder what is so special about it. The Douglas C-47 is one of the so-called „Candy Bombers“, which were used because of the Soviet occupying power from 24 June 1948 to 12 May 1949 due to the closure of the land and waterways from the Trizone to West Berlin. The supply of people in West Berlin was ensured by the transmission of voluntary aid packages. The term „raisin bomber“ originated from the small parachutes with sweets, which were dropped especially for the children.

Due to the anniversary „70 years of the Berlin Airlift“ the original 75 years old military machine was flown in by pilot Martin Rice (60) from the United States to Germany, before the military machine was with the landing of the allies in the Normandy (06 June 1944) and 1949 with the air bridge. Many of our colleagues took the chance and admired the landing approach, as well as the additional demonstration flight.

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