On 01.11.2017 the new office building of eves_immobilienverwaltung GmbH was occupied. During the development phase, eves_ opted for a locking system from Priesmeier Sicherheit Systeme GmbH in the new building. Thus eves_ uses an innovative and modern security system and proves not only a high level of security for software, but also for hardware.

After the tenants moved in in November 2017 (eves_information technology AG, eves_consulting GmbH, Eves Holding & Consulting GmbH, WiTech GmbH, NavCert GmbH, OECON Products & Services GmbH, OECON Holding & Consulting GmbH, Luftfahrt Bundesamt), the mechanical locking system KESO 8000 Omega was put into operation in the new building.

At eves_information technology AG and eves_consulting GmbH, the access control system from Uhlmann & Zacher with electronic door handles was also installed.

The locking system, in combination with the access control, enables eves_ to decide individually on access authorisations, to log these and to grant them keyless access to their premises with the help of transponders. The application possibility and modernity of this access control enables eves_information technology AG and eves_consulting GmbH to provide spatial security at a high level through simple operation.

Above all, eves_information technology AG as a Secure Partner of Volkswagen attaches great importance to the now additional protection provided by the mechanical locking system KESO 8000 Omega in conjunction with the electronic access control, and thus fulfils the specified security standard.

The interaction between eves_, a leader in the security environment through software products and software services, and Priesmeier Sicherheit Systeme GmbH, a leader in hardware for locking systems and other security systems, conveys an overall picture of security.

About Priesmeier Sicherheit Systeme GmbH:

Priesmeier Sicherheit Systeme GmbH deals with mechanical and electronic security and produces locking systems of the world’s leading manufacturers Keso and Evva under licence and counts as a producer in the legal sense.

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