In the last months a lot has developed at eves_ A new location was equipped with a new building, many new employees were hired and also the recruiting campaign „Wanted“ was published in the whole Braunschweig region. But that was not all. From October 2018, another new building will be built and will ensure that the IT industry in the Braunschweig region is promoted.

This development also interested the head mayor of the city of Braunschweig, Ulrich Markurth, and the Head of the Economic Department, Gerold Leppa (Managing Director of Braunschweig Zukunft GmbH). During a visit to the location of eves_information technology AG, the two visitors were able to get to know the current building and learn about the further planning of eves_at first hand. To the delight of eves_, the company received the most optimal feedback for all future projects through offered assistance and support from Mr. Markurth and Mr. Leppa.

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