On 01.08.2018, five trainees started their training as IT specialists for application development at eves_. Actually something quite normal in an IT company.

But eves_ has come up with something quite different for this training start than the normal „Welcome – these are your new colleagues – banter“.

eves_ sent its five new trainees to a Live Escape Room. With the help of 19 employees, eves_ had developed an incredible course in which the new trainees were trapped for 6 hours. All doors were locked, everyone played along. And their job was to save eves_ as the company was taken over by a virus. A countdown was played in order to eliminate the virus.

The background of this project was that the newcomers work their way through the company in a playful way, get to know many new faces and also get an insight into the different areas and IT professions. They also learned to work together right from the start when time is short. They have joined together to form a team, a team that works and learns together for three years.

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